Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am such a slacker!

So as my brother-in-law pointed out at dinner on Sunday, I have failed to post anything about my life for oh...the last 6 months. I guess that tells you how exciting my life is.

Well here I sit, day 6 of Nathan being out of town. I don't know what the reason is but these last two trips out of town for him, I have wanted nothing more than for him to be home with me. This week has been especially long and full of disappointment and I have wanted nothing more than a ginormous (that word has now been added to the Webster Dictionary) hug from my hubby.

As I think about what has been going on this week my thoughts are inevitably drawn to the blessings in my life. There is a country song song that is popular right now titled "Lucky Man". The chorus says "I'm a lucky man. God's given me a pretty fair hand." That is my life. I have been blessed with some amazing things. And yet, my life is not perfect. As weird as it sounds I am grateful for that as well. After all, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

With Nathan out of town, I have been taking full advantage of our new pass to the Kearns Fitness Center. I had not really realized how very much I missed being in the water. If I could work full time as a lifeguard for the rest of my life, I think I would be very happy.

I have recently decided that I am going to really focus on losing weight. I have decided that I am tired of being heavy. I have been trying to really think about what I eat and how much I eat. I have only been at it a week but I feel better already. I don't feel as tired as I normally do and I feel happy. So I will definitely be keeping you up to date on that.

Well I guess I will call it a night. You would not believe how hard it is to type with Madison sitting on your shoulder licking your face as fast as she can.