Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Shower

Okay. It has taken a month but I am finally blogging about the wonderful baby shower my good friend threw for me. Now if I can remember how to post pictures we should be good to go! :)

So about 5 months ago, my friend Julia asked if she could throw a baby shower for me. I know, I know...5 months early seems extreme but at the time, she was pregnant with her 3rd baby and since she doesn't have very easy births, she wanted to get a lot of it planned before she had to recover from the birth and have a hectic life with a newborn. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and her sweet, beautiful baby was only destine for this earth for a few short hours. I knew when I found out that it would be incredibly hard for her to put on a happy face for me while celebrating the baby I was expecting. I told my mom and sister what had happened and asked if they would be willing to step in if Julia was feeling like she didn't want to do it. They of course said yes. However, being the wonderful friend that she is, she still wanted to help me celebrate.

I cannot tell you how much it meant to me that she was willing, after everything she had been through, to help me celebrate my little boy. We were small in numbers but had a great time! The food was wonderful and the decorations adorable! We had chicken pasta salad, stuffed strawberries, homemade rolls with honey butter, a cream cheese braid, and fresh fruit. It meant the world that my wonderful friends were willing to take time out of their day to come see me and help me get ready for my baby's birth. I love you all!