Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time flies...

WOW! It seems like just yesterday that I was sending Nathan a picture of a positive pregnancy test and jumping up and down with excitement. And now we are down to the last 8 weeks of it just being the two of us. Somehow, I don't feel ready and yet I want our precious little boy here with us.

We have spent the last two weeks getting the nursery prepared and painted. We still have a lot to do but the walls are finished and we are making slow but steady progress. Unfortunately with everything we have been doing, I have been so focused on finishing baby projects, I have neglected the regular everyday grocery shopping....

I went in to see the the doctor last Thursday and since all the non-stress tests look good and the AFI ultrasounds are normal, I don't have to do that every week any more which is nice. Although, I am not sure it matters since I have to go in every other week and we are getting closer to the time I have to go in every week. But when the doctor checked out our little guy last week, he said he is doing great and seems to be just wiggling along happy as a clam.

While I hate having to spend so much time at the doctor's office, it brings me great relief every time I hear my son's heart beating away strong and regular. While I will not miss the non-stress tests, I will miss the weekly ultrasound and seeing how he is growing and progressing.

At least I only have 8 more weeks until I see the little guy who I have been getting to know for the last 7 months.