Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well it's that time of year again!

Nope, not tax time, birthday time, or anniversaries. It's not time for any major holidays. It's time for....wait for it....wait for it....The annual updating of the blog! (This is where the trumpets sound and great applause rings out through the land!)

The last year has brought some great changes and some not so great changes. The first great change is that the wallpaper that I have hated since the day we moved in is officially gone. There is no trace of it to be found! After several days of scrapping, scrubbing, and losing skin off the knuckles, our walls were finally bare and ready to be painted. After living in our home for four years, we finally have two rooms that done (hey 99% counts as done in my book!). Our problem lies in the fact that neither Nathan nor I like to paint that much. I am fairly certain that if my dad hadn't shown up one day while I was sick in bed with the flu, we might still not be done painting. In fact, we may have not even started yet!

As of last weekend, Nathan and I have been married for 4 years. It seems longer than that on some days. I guess we each fall into familiar patterns when you have been around someone so long. For instance, I am not a morning person. I was thinking about it the other day and realized that I have become the person I didn't particularly want to be. I hardly ever wear make-up, I don't do my hair all that often. It is mostly just wash and pull back. I am just thankful that Nathan is willing to put up with it.

We were able to go to Logan to a little B&B for our anniversary. It is called Providence Inn. They have several "themed" rooms but mostly the themes are defined by decorations rather than actually scenes. For instance, this time we stay in the rose garden. So named because it has rose wall paper border and the bed spread is covered in a rose design. Anyway, back to why I started out talking about that... It was very nice to be able to spend 3 whole days with my husband! And my cell phone only rang once! Sometimes it feels like Nathan and I go days without really talking.

While in Logan, we saw an episode of "It's Me Or The Dog" that starred a mini dachshund. It gave us hope that the twin Nazi's who have been running our house for the last 4 years can actually be trained! We have recommitted ourselves to working on training them so that we can at last have people over without having to worry about making sure that they leave with all limbs attached!

On a final random note, Nathan received a funny email from a friend he used to work with that stated "your blog is out of date and so is your wife." A short while later, he received another email from this same friend who wanted to know if we had a copy of the audiobook for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Nathan being who he is promptly replied that we did but he was unsure whether I would be able to give it to him since I was outdated and could possibly be incompatible. The reply quickly came back that he should upgrade from version 2.0 to 2.1 since 2.0 is out of date and Nathan replied that he would prefer to wait until version 3.0 was released to see if they worked out some of the bugs!

I love my husband!