Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yes it's true.....there is an update!

It has been almost 6 months to the day that Adam joined our family! Life is hectic with a newborn! Luckily I am extremely blessed to be able to take him to work with me. I love spending all day listening to him giggle and talk to himself. He is getting so big! He is rolling over on his own and has been for awhile. One recent development is that he has learned to sit up all by himself! He will be crawling in no time!

Tonight we introduced him to his first real food. Peaches and green beans. He seemed to like the peaches but I am pretty sure the gagging motion he made with every bite of the beans means he doesn't like those....he didn't spit any out though!

He has his 6 month check up the week after Christmas. I am so excited to celebrate his first Christmas! I have had to exercise extreme willpower not to buy him everything in sight! Nathan says he doesn't understand Christmas which I know he doesn't but you will never convince me that he spends hours looking at the lights on the tree for any other reason than he loves them as much as his mommy!