Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Official

I am offically a "work widow". I dropped Nathan off this morning early and not so bright (I am NOT a morning person). The next few weeks are going to be long and lonesome. He will be back on Sunday and leaves again on Tuesday. I knew when we started dating, he has a crappy schedule. I guess I just have to deal with it.

On Saturday of this week, I am going to breakfast with the girls. For those of you who may not know, I have a group of friends who I have been friends with for like ever! Somer, who moved in up the street from me when we were 5, Jenn who was my locker partner in 7th grade, Julia who moved in when I was a sophomore, Anna who moved in when I was a junior (I think), and Ashlee of course! Ever since we all went our seperate ways (me on my mission, Somer on hers, Anna on hers, Jenn off to college, and Ashlee doing her own thing as usual) we have been getting together at least once a month for dinner, breakfast, whatever. We use it as an opportunity to get caught up on lives that are otherwise crazy. Our little group has grown as we have made new friends or run into old ones.

I am always amazed at the reaction I get when people hear I am still in touch with friends I have known so long. I don't know why this is so suprising, we love each other! When we get together it is as if no time has passed at all! We have been there for each other through it all, bad relationships, divorces, bad choices that have been made and the consequences that follow.

As I think about the coming weekend, I can't help but get excited! I have been blessed with the most wonderful friends a person could wish for. They are the friends I know I can call at 3 am when things are falling apart and I know they feel the same way about me.

The strange thing is that Nathan is blessed with the same type of friends. Jared, Spence, and Bear (Aaron) were best friends in High School and continue that friendship today. It makes it easy to understand the need to have a guys night when you have the same need with the girls.

I suppose I consider myself a very lucky person. I have a wonderful family who I am very close to, great friends who I would do anything for (and I mean it), and a loving husband who puts up with my quirks and loves me for who I am.

I am blessed.