Thursday, May 28, 2009

Randomness that has been going through my brain

Okay, this blog entry will have nothing even close to resembling continuity, train of thought, or even a central theme.

First off, I am relieved that the California State Supreme Court upheld Prop 8 but not for the reasons you might think.  It doesn't really matter where I stand on the issue because my personal feelings are not the point.  What does matter is that the majority of Californians voted in favor of it and the Supreme Court upheld those peoples opinions.  It seems like to often now days people are cowed into supporting a cause they don't believe in for fear of being called a bigot or worse. Correct me if I am wrong but hating someone for disagreeing with your opinion makes you just as much a bigot as you seem to think they are.  People want their rights recognized and upheld but that doesn't extend to people having the right to disagree with them. 

On to the next tangent.  I have come to realize that there are people in this world who are so busy trying to convince people that they are something (liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, any number of religions including my own) that they don't have time to actually live the way they say they believe.  Actions speak far louder than words.

We recently got back from a 9 day vacation with my parents, Mike, and Ashlee.  I learned a lot about my family.  Not all of it good.  But we did have a great time and we got to see a lot of places that I haven't been for awhile.  We are working on a surprise for the family but I can't say anything more about it since Ashlee might actually read this! (If she can remember the URL :P).

For my birthday, Nathan broke down and got me a Kindle from Amazon.  For those of you who don't know it is Amazon's ereader.  It uses cell phone technology to download content as well as USB.  So basically anywhere you get coverage from the Sprint network, you can download books from  Very cool but I have limited myself to 3 books a week or I will be broke in about 5 seconds flat.  I ended up getting it almost a month early since I had a super crappy week and Nathan told me about it to cheer me up.  Once I knew about it, it was either fork it on over or have me drive him nuts about it for a month.  It came while he was out of town and we stopped at the office after I picked him up at 11:30 p.m. to get before I went crazy!  I am not normal, I know!

I told you this post had nothing coherent holding it together but since you are still reading, it must not matter. LOL  Sorry about the mini rant but sometimes you just need to get it out there.  I am done.

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