Monday, September 28, 2009


Sometimes life hands you things that make you sit up and examine what you are missing. Whether in relationships, work, friends, social activities, whatever. It is in those moments that you define who you are and who you want to be. It is to bad we can't see where those things will lead however. Is it enough to be content or is happiness more important? Is it still love if passion takes a back seat to life? Is it more important to get what you want than be who you want? These are the questions we are forced to answer on a daily basis....but what do you do if the answer changes hourly?

The last several weeks I have been constantly trying to decide what the answers to these questions are. I have berated myself for not having the answers and reminded myself that it's okay that I don't. And now I have reached a place that I am more confused than ever. :)

Just when I think that I have my life planned out, something or someone throws a wrench in it. Which contrary to popular belief is not a bad thing. I have learned it is important to be shaken up sometimes in order to force us to examine what is important. And I have learned that it is okay if that shaking makes you step out of your comfort zone. If only because we become better people, better friends, better companions, and better parents by constantly examining the path we are treading and readjusting course if necessary.

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Anonymous said...

I once read this in a book and it really reasonated for me, and it seems to apply to what you are talking about.

"... the deepest spiritual truths are right here in front of us, hiding behind their appearance as the mundane." -- Nathan Katz in 'Spirtual Journey Home'

-- Marjanne