Saturday, March 6, 2010


What a day. Today has been spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning with more on the horizon. Since our house is so small, I am giving up my office room for the sake of having room for all the baby a crib. Add another plus to having a baby and a small house with no storage space. It forces you to throw out more stuff than you even realized you owned! A few weeks ago, Nathan and I went through closets and drawers and filled up the bed of his truck with bags and boxes for the DI. Today, add 4 more bags and a box to that total. I have to get them to DI quickly however before I break down and keep all the shoes I am donating.

The goal, for me at least, is to have everything cleaned out and ready to prep for painting by next Saturday. Hey, it could happen. Although paint will have to wait until we can actually decide on colors or a theme or anything.

Nathan spent most of the morning in the crawl space. It is dirty and yucky and gross and I was glad I didn't have to go down there. With losing the little storage space we have been able to use in my office, we decided it was time to pull out the dryer and start moving stuff down there. Once we adjust (a.k.a. move) the location for the washer and dryer so that we can access it easily, it will actually create quite a bit of storage space. Although I wouldn't store anything down there that can't be cleaned easily or is in 100% air tight containers.....

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