Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well I am an Aunt again

Last thursday my nephew was born at 5:50 p.m. at Jordan Valley Hospital. While not intending to be part of it all, I ended up in the room when the baby was born. Miracle? Yes! Gross? Yes!! Christopher Troy Yates joined us after Becki had been in labor for about 5 hours or so. He is considered premature since he was born at 36 weeks instead of 37 so they are watching him very carefully. He has been having some breathing problems but apparently that is normal for premies. His doctor has him on medicine for his acid reflux problems but he is now eating better and gaining back some of the weight he has lost. We are all relieved. Becki has been through a lot this year and I am not sure she would come out okay if something happened to this baby.


Bascom Family said...

Best wishes to mom and baby. Chances are baby will be fine. My girls were born at 33 weeks so I know the concerns that mom and families feel. When is your turn to be a mommy? It is a wonderful journey.

Bascom Family said...

I feel like I stuck my foot in my mouth, after I read your older posts about trying to have a baby. Please forgive me. Don't give up hope, just enjoy each stage of the ride in life. We have been married 8 years and have had 1 full term pregnancy. I too can relate to the longing. Love ya.

Marcee said...

Oh it's okay. I know it will happen eventually. It can be frustrating when it seems everyone around is having babies and you are not but I have faith that it will happen when the Lord sees fit.