Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have reached the astounding conclusion....

Drug companies are not as interested in making people well as making money and insurance companies only want to spend as little as possible. Now to back up that claim!

About a week ago I started having some severe stabbing pains in my stomache. They were so bad that I couldn't stand up straight at times. So I took a day off work and went into the doctor. 3 hours, 4 blood draws, and a urine analyisis later (I am not pregnant) all the doctor could tell me was that he didn't know what was wrong and he gave me a prescription for Prevacid while we waited for the liver and pancreas tests to come back. I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription and was told that my insurance didn't cover it and it would cost $240 for a 30 day supply. I made them call the doctor to okay filling it with a generic which...wait for it... didn't cost me a dime! Not even a co-pay!!

Late saturday night, I got a call saying the lab results are back and I have a bacterial infection in my upper abdomine that they were calling in a prescription for. I went and picked it up last night and found out that it is 8 PILLS A DAY!!! 4 in the morning and 4 at night for 14 days. I HATE TAKING PILLS!! I don't even like taking a multi-vitamin. Something about the whole swallowing them thing just bugs me. Anyway, I go in to get the prescription and with the insurance and everything it still cost me $84!!! That is $1.33 a pill!! I guess that if it makes the pain stop I will just suck it up but still...

The one consolation is that since it is bacterial not viral, it is not contagious which means I can still see baby Christopher. They are much more strict about what keeps you from seeing him since they moved him up to Primary Children's Medical Center.

My mother-in-law told me yesterday that after 10 days of Christopher losing weight, he has finally started to gain some back and be able to keep down most of what he eats. The nurses keep saying that one day he is just going to wake up and "get it" and after that he will be able to come home quickly. Ruth I am sure is hoping this happens sooner rather than later not only because he is her grandson but also because Becki doesn't drive so Ruth has had to transport her to Primary Children's on a regular basis since they moved him and before that it was everyday to Jordan Valley Hospital.

Such are the sacrifices that come with having kids!

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