Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick update

I had a final doctor appointment today with the eye doctor. She just wanted to check and make sure that the infection that I have been dealing with isn't coming back now that I am off all the medications that I was taking for it. I am happy to report, everything looks normal except for the scar that will be there forever. She did say I was extremely lucky because if the scar had formed even a millimeter closer to my pupil, at the very least it would have left me with a blind spot. Worse case would be that I could have lost my vision in that eye completely. That being said, with the type of infection that I had, 25% of people have a recurrence within the first year. 90% have one within 5-10 years. So it is not a question of if it will come back, it is when. Luckily, now I know how serious it is, I can get in the minute I start having symptoms so the scar I have shouldn't get any bigger.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Marcee! I was so excited to see you blogging again. I have had fun "blog stalking" you and catching up on your life. ;) It sounds like you have had quite the struggle with your health lately. Hope you are feeling all better!


Amber said...

I JUST found out TODAY that you had a blog when I checked my "followers"! I can't believe I didn't know- I guess I'm just oblivious! Sorry to hear about your eye troubles.